Starting Line

I’ve committed to running a half marathon six months from now because I’ve been reading a ton of inspirational women’s magazines (like Cosmo) advising me to follow my dreams AND buy a push-up bra and because I want my funeral eulogy (currently scheduled for mile 11.5) to be more meaningful than simply praising my killer tilapia. And remembering that I used a lot of run-on sentences.

A half marathon – or half, as we elite runners like to call it – is 13.1 miles. I’ve been running for about a year and a half now and I’ve already “conquered” the 5K (3.1 miles), 8K (about 5) and the 10K (6.2, though in this case “conquered” gives a whole new meaning to the word, well, “conquer.”). In training, I’ve run 7+ miles. Very slowly I might add.

I’ve been told that to run 13.1 miles one need train for “only” 10 miles, and then the cheering of the crowd (if there’s any semblance of a crowd left when I reach the 10 mile point) and adrenaline will carry me along.  I have the distinct feeling that it might be an ambulance carrying me along for those last 3 miles, but work with me here please.

My half takes place on May 1. That gives me plenty of time to train, procrastinate, whine and, if I’m really lucky, break one or both of my legs.

I’d like to thank my very supportive friends at the Facebook group Women Who Run the World (cue Sally Fields at the Oscars.  Or the Emmys.  Or the Country Music awards.  I can’t remember which). They answer all my questions, like whether or not it’s appropriate to bring along a personal chef or sports psychologist or even the CBS Evening News to the race, without making me feel like the rank beginner I am (“Of COURSE, EVERYONE wonders about that at their first half”). This group includes some very accomplished runners and I appreciate their support more than they will ever know.

So that’s what I’m doing – a little project to keep me busy this winter. If you see me running away from you, don’t take it personally. I’ll eventually trip over my own two feet and then we can chat.

One thought on “Starting Line

  1. bravo!!! good luck. you will definitely finish your half before i do. (that aint happening.) look forward to following your progress and, who knows, maybe we will be there at the finish line on may 1?!?!

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